ALUTILE Since 1995

In 2005 our long established import/export business decided to expand into the Aluminium Composite Panel supply Industry.
Our many years of importing was based on sourcing high quality items.  Our company motto is:- “ When you are out of quality you are out of business”. After inspecting many manufacturers of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP’s) we knew once we visited the Alutile manufacturing plant, we had indeed found what we were seeking. Alutile has been in operation since 1995, a multi million dollar investment in plant and equipment, including a research and design laboratory.

We would become the Australian distributor for Alutile.

Alutile Panels being fitted to a commercial building

Alutile aluminium composite panels are perfect modern commercial and office buildings where a sleek elegant and very modern look is needed.  The quality of the surface is unsurpassed combine this with aesthetically pleasing angles and you have a wining combination.  An architects delight to work with.

Alutile Panels for a Sleek Modern Look

Alutile aluminium composite panels are not only used for commercial and office buildings but are also widely used in modern residential designs.  Alutiles Custom size panels pre-cut to spec as well as intricate angles all pre-fabricated make modern design concepts an achievable reality in your next home.

High Tech production Facility

Alutiles manufacturing facility boasts some of the latest cutting edge technology to ensure high precision production quality and faster production runs meaning shorter lead times.  30 year factory warranty is testimony the the quality of the product and production process.

Alutile Research & Design Labratory

Cutting Edge Research & Development Team

Alutiles research and development labratory has full environmental testing capabilities able to simulate the most harsh conditions imaginable, this has enabled Alutiles innovative team to develop a patented product resilient to extreme UV, acid rain pollution, damaging alkali and salt levels as well as high wind speeds and sand a very damaging combination.